Now Available – Empress in Disguise: Empress in Disguise Trilogy Book 1

To save her family, one girl will sacrifice her very identity.

Living in poverty in the shadow of the Forbidden City, Daiyu never imagined that the life of the emperor would impact her own.

But a chance meeting with a girl who looks exactly like her changes everything.

Daiyu’s family is offered enough money to support them for life if she only agrees to take the stranger’s place at the emperor’s selection for new consorts. In order to pull off the ruse, Daiyu must abandon everything she ever knew and become a completely different person, a person she despises. And if she fails, if she is discovered, she will be guilty of treason and put to death.

Daiyu cannot allow her family to suffer if it is within her power to save them, so she strikes the deadly bargain. But living within the Forbidden City is even more dangerous than she imagined…

In this incredible retelling of The Princess and the Pauper, based on true events, authors Zoey Gong and Amanda Roberts bring to life the opulent and dangerous world of imperial consorts trapped within the great red walls of the Forbidden City.

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